Titan Native Casein


TITAN NATIVE CASEIN is made with 100% grass-fed micellar casein protein that mixes rich, smooth & creamy every time.

Each serving of TITAN NATIVE CASEIN delivers delicious slow release casein protein, which helps feed your muscles even while you’re asleep.
TITAN protein contains NO SOY.
Hormone Free.
Non GMO.
Gluten Free.
No Added Sugar.

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Titan Native Micellar Casein simply put, is the benchmark in protein purity. Native Casein is made directly from milk, making it the least processed Micellar Casein available. Micellar Casein provides a slow and sustained release of essential amino acids. When taken at night, this helps prevent muscle breakdown and promotes the body’s ability to repair and improve during its natural recovery period – sleep.


  • Soy Free
  • Gluten Free
  • Non GMO
  • Hormone Free
  • No Added Sugar


Mix 1 heap scoop (1 serving ± 25gr) with 200ml of cold water or milk and shake or blend.


All ingredients conform to the WADA/IOC Anti-Doping Codes.


Titan Native Casein is produced with a unique pasteurization method that does not use high heat and utilizes a proprietary filtration and drying method. It involves the minimum amount of processing: single flash pasteurization for 15 seconds at 71 degrees celsius. The result is a microbial safe product that exceeds all standards. Titan Native Casein is not a by-product of cheese manufacture. We do not use cross-flow filtration, hydrolyzation, or ion exchange because these methods denature the original protein components. Our process involves microfiltration of skim or whole milk using polymeric, spiral-type membranes.