TNT Kevlar Reloaded

Take maximum advantage of your post-workout anabolic window / this is crucial for growth & Recovery. Post recovery whey, vitargo/carbohydrate amino specific.

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Kevlar Reload boasts a comprehensive blend of tried and tested post-training recovery aids. It is well documented that the benefits of post-workout, fast-absorbing nutrients, during the anabolic window will greatly improve recovery and performance. During intense training, the muscle Glycogen stores are rapidly depleted and the muscles fibers endure micro-tears under excessive load. The post-training anabolic window is the period during which the body is most susceptible to nutrients due to its greatly depleted state.

Kevlar Reload is packed with the patented performance carbohydrate Vitargo. This carbohydrate is purpose specifically designed to clear the gut rapidly and replenish glycogen stores. Its unique composition creates a superior uptake in relation to regular sugars and due to its low Osmolity, it will not result in any bloating effect.

Kevlar Reload is also fortified with further insulin potentiating and amino / Creatine blend designed to restore muscles and drastically improve recovery. This is further complemented by the significant amount of EAA (essential amino acids) rich Whey protein fractions.

The combined blend of nutrients found in TNT MERCURY KEVLAR RELOAD makes it the best recovery product available for athletes that train intensely and repeatedly. By taking advantage of this critical Anabolic window with Kevlar Reload your recovery between workouts will drastically improve and so will your gains.